• Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy: Helping you unlock your potential for living well

    When: 1-1 weekly start dates. 

    Times: 1-1 various options. 

    Where: Online

    Join Kathy Ward (who herself lives with chronic illness) for a course that can help you unlock your potential for living well. 

  • Kathy’s support and guidance are given in such a kind, understanding, and gentle manner, both during the calls but also unfailingly being available via email to answer questions and worries. I genuinely feel like a more balanced, self-aware, and open person as a direct result of this course. I cannot recommend Kathy Ward as a teacher, or Kathy’s 8-week MBSR course, more highly. I would love to work with Kathy again in the future.

    Natalie - Online 8-week MBSR Course

  • The Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy MBCT for chronic illness, or those living with cancer courses gently guides you through practices that focus on teaching you how to make simple yet radical shifts in your relationship to thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations, even if there is little or nothing that you can do to change the experiences or conditions themselves.

    The courses develop the skills to gently turn towards what is present in this very moment within your window of tolerance. Skills are also developed so that when needed, you can redirect the attention, as best you can, cultivating curiosity and kindness asking "what is called for now?" "how can I be kind to myself?" 

  • Kindness is a quality within mindfulness that has the manner of profound friendliness. Unlike some forms of love, it needs nothing back.

    Trish Bartley. Mindfulness: A Kindly Approach to Being with Cancer p167

  • What is involved?

    Each week you will take part in either a 1-hour (1-1) or 2-hours (group) session via Zoom. 

    Kathy will guide and support you through the learning of the MBCT for Chronic Illness course or MBCT for cancer course. Practice mp3's and our extensive Participants workbook will either be handed out to you at the start of the course or be emailed to you.

    Both courses include:

    • Listening and practicing using the supplied mp3 recordings
    • Reading the Participant's Workbook
    • Reflecting and optional journaling of your direct experience
    • Include some informal mindfulness practices in your daily life, making the practices come alive supporting resilience, health, and wellbeing

    The MBCT for cancer or MBCT for Chronic Illness 1-1 course includes: 

    • 1-1 Introductory session
    • 8 x 60-minute session
    • 1 x 60-minute session one month after the course finishes (optional)
    • Mindful Academy International MBCT mp3 meditation recordings and extensive participants workbook 
    • €590


    Apply online and unlock your potential for living well

  • Please note: The courses are not intended for treatment of medical or psychological disorders. It is also not suitable for those newly diagnosed with cancer or other chronic illness and who are currently experiencing severe problems in these areas. Please please contact me to discuss your particular circumstances, so that together we can explore if it is the right time for you to take part.

  • The 8-week MBCT course for the general public is based on the original work of Zindel V. Segal, J. Mark G. Williams and John D. Teasdale.

    The 8-week MBCT for Cancer Gently Turning Towards course is based on the original work of the wonderful Trish Bartley.