• András Barta, MA, MSBR Teacher, Budapest, Hungary

    András is an Accredited MBSR Teacher, graduated from Mindful Academy, and has taught over 25 MBSR courses for groups as well as individually. His website is www.tudatossag.net (Hungarian content). He is to graduate as an Addiction Counselor from Semmelweis University, Budapest in June, 2018.

    Once a school teacher, for nearly two decades he had a colorful, creative, but stressful life. He published two novels and also appeared on national TV shows. Worked as a copywriter, creative director, scriptwriter, TV writer and editor. His work took him to several places in the world including Mexico or South Africa.

    An unexpected diagnosis of cancer changed his life dramatically, turning him towards meditation and other body-mind approaches. Now being a Buddhist practitioner, András is rooted in the Kagyü lineage of Tibetan Buddhism while he also regularly attends Vipassana retreats as taught by late S. N. Goenka.

    Other ways of experiencing the body like improvisation, free dance, and related approaches are also in his interest. He has taken part in several Dance and Movement Therapy (DMT) courses as well as assisted in some DMT processes. Having acknowledged with Joan Skinner’s Releasing Technique, he is an active practitioner of Contact Improvisation – which he keeps the experimental movement of ‘moment-to-moment decision-making processes.

    András is a member of the Hungarian Mindfulness and Contemplative Association www.mindfulnessegyesulet.hu, elected into the Board of Supervision.

    András puts a special emphasis on the ever-transforming characteristics of mindfulness meditation. Because this is a life-long journey – or maybe even longer – not even the teacher knows anything for sure. By the time we have become certain about something it all goes away and a new uncertainty emerges. We all just experience what arises, having very little control over outer or even inner phenomena. Finding the pleasure in this active perception is the key to our moment-to-moment happiness…