• The school was founded in 2010 by CEO and TEDx speaker Kathy Ward a senior International MBSR, MBA and M-BESI Trainer, Supervisor, MBI-TAC Assessor, Teacher and Mindfulness-Based Approaches MBA course developer. 

    Kathy also works for the World Health Organization as a  Mindfulness Consultant where she developed a Mindfulness-Based Mental Agility workplace course which combines Mindfulness-Based practice and Emotional Intelligence. The course is currently subject to a research project to assess its impact, and to date, results exceed expectations.  

    Kathy teaches Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy MBCT for Cancer, develops and delivers corporate training programs to suit the needs of individual companies, and gives keynote talks on mindfulness.

    You can watch Kathys Mindfulness and Kindness, the Keys to increasing Happiness TEDx Talk on YouTube.

  • "Having already studied with Kathy Ward, I knew how incredibly organized she is and was confident that this would be a very thorough and valuable course. The online Level One course is as thorough as her in-person teachings and the delivery and organization of the course along with the well-planned Zoom space are all incredibly wonderful. Thanks again for being my guide through Level 1 Mindfulness MBSR and MBA Course"

    Louise Konrath from the USA, Level 1 online course July 2020. 

    The Level 2 online Teacher Training course was an unforgettable experience with intensive practice and diving into the very deep spectrum of teaching intentions and creative ways of implementation of the curriculum. Lots of fun, connection, and interaction, with a real embodiment of experiential learning and co-journey. For teaching experience, I think the online Teacher Training has as many benefits as weaknesses compared to the in-person group, and at the end of the day, we will teach at the end of a busy working day or online as well, not in a retreat center or hotel garden!

    Kathy is a teacher who not just show what she knows, but eager to share her wisdom and knowledge with everyone who is open to it. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to meet her and learn from her.

    Dr. Kornelia Nyitray from Hungary. May Level 2 online graduate.

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  • CEO and Senior International Trainer, Teacher and Supervisor Kathy Ward is the lead Trainer on every course in Altea Spain, Ireland, Hungary, and the USA. The other members of the team are all professional Mindfulness Teacher Trainers who have trained with us, CMRP Bangor University in the UK or UMASS Centre for Mindfulness in the USA.

    Each team member exceed the requirements of the Good Practice Guidelines for Trainers of Mindfulness-based Teachers published by the UK Network of Mindfulness-based Teacher Trainers

    The team is also dedicated to sharing mindfulness with different cultures and teaching contexts around the world. 

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  • With Kathy Ward. Senior International Mindfulness Trainer, Teacher, Supervisor, TEDx Speaker and WHO Mindfulness Consultant.

    1-1, 1-2 and small group courses in the comfort of your own home. Various start dates. Please contact Kathy at [email protected] to arrange a no-obligation call to see if the course is for you.

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