• CEO and Founder Kathy Ward chose to have Mindful Academy International and the courses we teach independently accredited and as a Provider of Training Excellence and CPD Provider© we assure you of the highest level of professional mindfulness training.

    We also follow the Mindfulness good practice guidelines (GPGs) for teaching and supervising mindfulness Teachers, and utilize the Mindfulness-based Interventions Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC) developed by Bangor, Oxford and Exeter Universities as part of our supportive assessment process of the 6 domains of teaching mindfulness.

    To achieve the accreditation Mindful Academy International has undergone a rigorous assessment process focusing on 4 key principles -

    • Our organizational structure,
    • The learning provision we offer,
    • Our methods for maintaining excellence, and
    • Our client's personal experience.

    This final principle involves a random selection from our student and graduate base and a direct discussion between them and the Professional Development Consortium to gather a first-hand review of their experience training with us. You can also find a selection of testimonials below.

  • Fiona - Training Development Consultant working with the European Union Institution Training and Supervising workplace Counselors. 

    This is the best course I have ever taken! Focused, very professional and creating a safe learning environment. I have deepened my meditation practice and I feel confident to share with others.  

    Elske from Portugal/Holland - MBSR Teacher Training Course TTR1 level 1 TTR1

    It was an intense 10-day course in which we were taught about teaching both the formal and informal practices of the 8-week MBSR course. Kathy Ward’s training and guidance made me grow both on a personal level and as a teacher. Her course gives you the tools to grow into a confident mindfulness teacher with sufficient knowledge of the background of mindfulness. I can absolutely recommend the TTR1 Foundation Course, level 1 Teacher Training course with Mindful Academy International! 

    Alex from Italy/UK - Psychologist and Dance Therapist, MBSR Teacher Training Course TTR1 level 1

    The course was impeccably organised, great location and everything flowed smoothly. Kathy and her assistant Julia gave me, as I presume the other members of the course, every possible guideline and support that was/is needed for my personal path towards an experienced Mindfulness teacher. I would definitely recommend it, as I consider the course a mind opening, learning experience of high quality. Including all of that... it was also most enjoyable!! 

    Claire from UK - Teacher, MBSR Teacher Training Course TTR1 level 1 and Advanced Course Level 2 TTR2

    Incredible intensity combined with laughter and light, its been a wonderful experience overall. I greatly appreciated the support both personally and in the more 'academic' context. The sense of community and connection was beautifully instilled in the group and Kathy's credentials are impeccable. The course is thorough, in-depth, supportive in every facet and there is great trust and sense of mutual respect, it has gone far beyond my expectations!

    Julie from the USA - Yoga Teacher, Mindful Yin Yoga Milwaukee

    Thank you so much for coming to Milwaukee and sharing this amazing practice with us and helping to create a more mindful, kind community! I'm completely grateful for you and your passion for this practice! I  have been a trainer for many years attending lots of different courses. However, the Mindful Yin Yoga teaching training has to be the best one I have ever attended. Kathy delivered the course in a very clear, professional and caring manner. I highly recommend this course; it has been an amazing journey for me personally and professionally. Thank you Kathy!

  • Alexandra Dendy from Italy/UK - MBSR Teacher Training Course Level 2 TTR2 

    This is my second course (TTR2) with Kathy, and yet again I can confirm every positive professional aspect that I shared after my first (TTR1). The course was 10 days and however 'tired' my mind became towards the end, never once did I feel I'd had enough of the learning experience. I felt that Kathy constantly made all of the group be part of a wonderful co-learning and teaching opportunity, not mentioning the impeccable organisation, flow and method that by no means went un-noticed. So, I thank you again; Kathy (and the group) for your expertise, kindness and care I recieved and I'm feeling incredibly grateful to be part of this growing and evolving Mindfulness Family. Thank you.

    Mina from UK - MBSR Teacher Training Course Level 1 TTR1

    Being in a group that was exceptionally well facilitated with compassion and a balance of imparted knowledge and room for practice / reflection was the most valuable part of the experience. I greatly appreciated the thoroughness of the programme, the amazing amount of preparation that had gone into preparing us for a great student experience. Mindful Academy left no stone unturned! The course exceeded my expectations (which were high already!)  

    Susana - from Switzerland MBSR Teacher Training course Level 2 TTR2 

    With all the different Mindfulness programs out there, I wasn't sure if I had made the right decision when I signed up for the Mindfulness Academy teacher training in Spain.  Did I make the right choice for me?  Simply put, the education I received was amazing.  Kathy and Bodhin compliment each other, making a perfect team.  Their understanding of the material, their ability to teach it in a kind, compassionate way and their honest, clear, non-judgemental feedback deepened my overall experience.  Honestly speaking, the time at the Mindfulness Academy has been one of the best educational and personal enriching experiences of my life. Much Gratitude. Susana.

    Krystyna, Yin Yoga course November 2016

    Being already a yoga teacher I took this training as a CPD and I can honestly say that it was a truly excellent training! It combined a great deal of knowledge of both yin yoga and mindfulness and Kathy Ward is a great teacher and a wonderful person. 

    Christine C  - Head Teacher Madrid - MB

    MBSR Level 1 and 2 Teacher Training courses in 2014

    I liked the pace of the course. It is well organised with logical sequencing and developing progress. The right amount of time for discussion and questions. Availability of teachers for help or queries was on offer whenever needed. I really felt the teachers were fresh as if we were their first ever students even though they have taught this many times before. I felt inspired and supported. Both are patient with a good sense of humor.

  • Mark J - Clinical Counselor with the US Navy - MBSR Teacher Training Course Level 1 TTR1 in May

    TheTTR1 was all I hoped for and more. The learning experiences were provided in a professional yet kind and compassionate way. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about and teach Mindfulness.

    Randall - M.D at a Holistic Clinic in Norway and graduate MBSR Meditation Teacher Training in 2013

    A hands on, in depth teacher training course taught by 2 competent, dedicated and experienced teachers. Highly recommended for those seeking to teach MBSR courses.

    Natalie - Live online 8 week MBSR Course

    Coming to this course with an existing but slightly erratic, meditation practice, I was eager to explore but slightly sceptical about how much I would learn. Not only did I embed various techniques in my practice, developing a “tool box” of techniques to dip into, I learned so much about myself. The course made the benefit of a daily meditation practice abundantly clear, and showed me the difference which practising daily, versus a couple of times per week, can bring to my life. When I reflect on my development through this course I feel truly emotional about everything I have gained from this course; the opportunity for self-exploration and the insight it gave me into myself is absolutely precious. Kathy’s support and guidance is given in such a kind, understanding and gentle manner, both during the calls but also unfailingly being available on email to answer questions and worries. I genuinely feel like a more balanced, self-aware and open person as a direct result of this course. I cannot recommend Kathy Ward as a teacher, or Kathy’s 8 week MBSR course, more highly. I would love to work with Kathy again in the future.

    Jonathan from Norway/USA - Spring 2015 200hr Mindful Hatha & MBSR Yoga Therapy Teacher Training course.

    "Kathy is a skilled teacher who comes from the heart. She embodies the principles of Mindfulness and the true spirit of Yoga. Her care for students is remarkable, and she has a genuine interest in spreading yoga in a way that can truly enrich many people's lives. She is a wealth of knowledge, and I highly recommend her" "I resonate well with the whole philosophy and approach of Mindful Yoga as you present it. I hope you write a book (or three) so that I can promote it with the teaching I am doing"

     Sofia MBSR Teacher Training Level 1 TTR1 June 2014

    The Training course was fantastic but intense! I really like the personal approach, it really feels like you are being guided through your own journey (development) I found that the techniques that we learned here are really powerful and am really  grateful for this experience and the journey into myself - I found my thing and want to bring others on a journey into themselves!