• Teaching the 8-week MBSR Course online. A live interactive video conferencing workshop.

    Dates: 8 x workshops on Saturdays from the 18th of April to Saturday the 20th of June (no class on the 16th or 23rd of May) from 13.00 pm CET. 

    Venue: Live interactive video conferencing.

    Cost:  €400

    Total contact hours: 30 

    Dates and times:

    1. Saturday the 18th of April from - 13.00 - 17.30
    2. Saturday the 25th of April from 13.00 - 17.30
    3. Saturday the 2nd of May from 13.00 - 16.30
    4. Saturday the 9th of May from 13.00 - 17.30
    5. Saturday the 30th of May from 13.00 - 16.30
    6. Saturday the 6th of June from 13.00 - 17.00
    7. Saturday the 13th of June from 13.00 - 16.30
    8. Saturday the 20th of June from 13.00 - 15.00

    Who is the workshop for?

    This 30-hour workshop is ideal for trained mindfulness teachers who have taught less than 6 x 8-week MBSR courses and who wish to make the transition to teaching online, and those who are preparing for or have graduated from a Level 1 course (with us or another training organization) and would like to teach mindfulness-based approaches online. It is also suitable for those wishing to integrate mindfulness-based approaches into online professional practice.
  • Your teacher:

    Kathy Ward has many years of teaching mindfulness with interactive video conferencing. She is also working as a consultant for the WHO developing specific online programmes for their staff. 

  • Details:

    Mother nature has given us a real challenge with the COVID-19 Pandemic, and we are still making sense of a new reality that coupled with climate change really does ask that we rethink how we work.

    Ted Meissner from the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA published a report in the International Journal of Whole Person Care Volume 4, number 2 in 2017 states that used well, the online experience is a positive one rivaling and perhaps exceeding the efficiency of in-person programming. The use of video conferencing uniquely promotes several factors foundational to mindfulness programs, including participant engagement, and the nuanced challenge of the creation of a  safe space open sharing and inquiry.  

    "When  combining  the  positive  influences  of  interactive  video  with  the  foundational  requirements  of mindfulness programming, the benefit has the potential to match or in some instances exceed that of in-person programming in a number of ways, though this may be met with an understandable skepticism from those for whom in-person has been the established default for delivery"

     Ted Meissner. University of Massachusetts Medical School

    The workshop is based on the 8-week MBSR course content is designed to support and deepen both personal and professional understanding of the online skills in teaching mindfulness, MBI's and the integration of mindfulness-based approaches in professional practice.

    Each morning you will experience the 2.5-hour session as a participant followed by a break for lunch. In the afternoon session, we will explore the challenges and delights of using this delivery method and explore every aspect of the 6 domains of mindfulness and live interactive video conferencing spectrum of teaching intentions. 

    "Each of the 6 domains of teaching mindfulness is fostered through in-person mindfulness programming, which has been the primary if not almost exclusive mechanism of delivery for nearly four decades. However, the advent of live video conferencing may also support these domains in ways that are perhaps unexpected, and may open some opportunities which have challenged in-person programs. 

    Ted Meissner University of Massachusetts Medical School

    What's included in the price?

    • 30 contact hours through live interactive video conferencing
    • 8-week Course session plans detailing how to teach online
    • Participants workbook supporting teaching online with permission to use with your 8-week video conferencing participants
    • Certificate of completion

    Special Offer: If you have signed up for an in-person Level 2 course with Mindful Academy International in August or November, you can take this workshop completely free of charge.