• In an era of unstoppable distractions, Daniel Goleman of emotional intelligence fame shares that “we must learn to sharpen our focus if we are to contend with, let alone thrive, in a changing world. Focus is the hidden driver of excellence”

    Luckily, it  just takes a moment to arrive with a mindfulness and emotional intelligence practice that draws our attention to seeing, exploring, letting go, and choosing to focus by practicing (SELF) self-awareness. This is an easy to learn practice, no special skills are needed. I invite you to practice with me by reading the words below or listening to the 6-minute mp3 recording below:

    The practice:

    SEEING: The invitation is to take a moment to really see the colours, textures, and shapes around you. Take your time here, no need to rush. Seeing if it’s possible to notice just one thing. When you are ready, move to:

    EXPLORING: Any felt sense of touch or pressure of the body against the chair, feet on the floor, or the movements of the breath, no special way to breathe. 

    LETTING GO: Every time the mind wanders (which it will, it is what minds do!) gently but firmly redirect the attention back to any felt sense of the body, connection to the chair or ground, the colours, and textures around you. It doesn’t matter how many times the mind wanders, it is not a failure, this noticing and choosing to come back is the intention of the practice. 

    FOCUS: Here we are practicing choosing to focus on the present moment, not the thought of what is happening, but the actual present moment experience, right NOW. Are you really here? Or are you in another time and place?

    Why we practice:

    This short practice helps us to remember the basic human ability that we all have to be fully present rather than getting caught up in the past or an imagined future (which may never happen!) 

    With curiosity and kindness, we can set the intention to be aware of where we are, what we are doing, and how we are relating to others.

    In the process, learning to listen, understand, and respond rather than react to what is going on in our inner and outer world.

    It just takes a moment to choose to be mindful!