• Finding Peace in the Midst of all that is Happening: One-Day Online Silent Retreats

    The intention of Finding Peace in the midst of all that is happening online silent retreat is to gently hold the space enabling you to deepen your personal practice of mindfulness-based meditation in the comfort of your own home. 

    The teachings are offered in a space of noble silence and through sitting, standing, lying, walking practices, and mindful movement as we cultivate direct exploration of both formal and informal mindfulness-based practice. There will be short morning and afternoon talks on relevant themes, deepening our understanding of the essential teachings that are the very fabric of mindfulness-based practice. 

    This online silent retreat is freely offered. If you would like to make a donation 30% goes to the Bursary and Scholarship fund and 30% goes to Cancer Research. The suggested donation is $50, however any amount will make a difference. Please help me support others by booking now!

    In the midst of daily life, the invitation is to find a space and take your seat, as best you can meeting whatever arrives with friendliness and compassion. Together we will practice letting go of physical and mental tensions, and without judgment, practicing accepting whatever is left. Of course, knowing that it is always OK to turn away and come back to a reliable, accessible, neutral anchor whenever the mind becomes unsettled, or attention feels lost.  The guidance will reflect this intention.  

    At the end of each retreat day, there will be the opportunity for sharing and reflection in the group environment as part of dissolving the silence. In addition, if you feel the need you can contact Kathy via private zoom chat and she will either respond to what you raise during the talks and practice guidance, or through arranging an individual meeting with you. 

  • A heart full of love and compassion is the main source of inner strength, willpower, happiness, and mental tranquility.

    Dalai Lama

  • When: Sunday 09.30 am - 4.30 pm (UK):

    • Next date to be advised 

    Where: Online event, building community

    Teacher: Kathy Ward

    Cost: Suggested donation €50 for one day. 30% goes to the Bursary fund, 30% will be donated to Cancer Research. We recognise that this is a lot of money for many, so please donate what you feel you can or just attend.

  • I would kindly thank Kathy for the essential experience of the silent retreat held in Altea. It gave me answers to both my life questions and improved my mindfulness practice. I have felt more balanced and aware of what is REALLY going on...:) I believe I will come back... I also appreciated Martin with his qi gong. It definitely helped to energize me after uneasy COVID.

    Zuzana, March 2020

  • Who is the silent retreat for?

    The silent retreat days are designed to meet the retreat needs of Mindfulness-based teachers, those training to teach Mindfulness-based Interventions MBI's, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction MBSR, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy MBCT, and those who include mindfulness in their profession. The retreat also meets the BAMBA Good Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness Teachers and can count toward yearly retreat attendance. 

    Requirements to attend:

    These day retreats are also for anyone with a minimum of one-years meditation experience and/or those who have taken an 8-week mindfulness-based course and who would like to spend the day with like-minded people exploring Finding peace, developing mental agility 


    The zoom room will open at 9.15 am, please join in plenty of time to start at 9.30 am. Each day will end at 4.30 pm. Timings are for the UK. If you are joining from another location please check equivalent timings in your time zone. 


    The silent retreat days are an online event, and the zoom link will be sent prior to the start date.

    Please check you have the best internet connection, avoiding wifi if at all possible. We find that the use of an ethernet cable can improve the quality of the connection. You will also need a camera and a microphone.

    What to bring/wear

    The joy of an online silent retreat is that you can bring your normal chair, bench, cushion, blanket, etc. Some attendees have also told us that they like to have flowers, an object to hold, light a candle, or use essential oils as a way of settling into practice. 

    It can be helpful to wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing, for cooler months, a cozy jumper and socks can also be a good idea! 


    Please complete the online application form. Once we receive your form, we assess it to ensure that this event is suitable for you. We normally reply in 24-48 hours (Monday to Friday)

    One week before the silent retreat we will then send you the joining instructions and our booklet on how to make the best of your online silent retreat.

    Apply online now!

  • This retreat was a wonderful space to be quiet and share silence. Kathy leads a retreat that is flexible and adaptable to individual needs. Truly refreshing.

    Martin. March 2022

  • Payment and cancellation policy:

    Please read our terms and conditions carefully for payments and cancellations

    If you are wondering if this silent retreat is for you, please contact us