• Code of Conduct for the Mindfulness Teacher Training courses with Mindful Academy International

    Dear (students name)

    Thank you for joining the Mindfulness Teacher Training Course. We hope you enjoy the course and find it informative and inspiring. In order to maintain high standards and ensure that we keep our good reputation, it is important that you reach a certain minimum standard. Whenever we feel that this is not the case, we will talk to you personally and try to put things right. The assessment and coaching is on a continuous basis and you are expected to attend and take part in all training sessions, and complete the course self-study.

    To help you develop, you will receive constructive feedback on your progress and be formally assessed with one-to-one feedback with Kathy Ward, Director of Training. Students who do not meet the required standards will be asked to improve on the areas of development, and demonstrate that they have done this, before being issued with a certificate. All successful students can be registered on our Worldwide Directory of qualified Mindful Meditation Teachers.

    This Code of Conduct is a summation and declaration of acceptable, ethical, and professional behavior by which all Yoga Alliance Professional Registered Yoga Teachers agree to conduct the teaching and business of Yoga.

    I agree to uphold the ethical goals set forth in the following Code of Conduct:

    1. To ensure that safe and effective teaching is available to the public.

    2. To provide the public with access to safe and effective Mindfulness Teachers.

    3. To maintain and uphold the traditions of Mindful Academy International. To teach Mindfulness or Yin Yoga from the experience of these traditions and to disseminate these teachings to anyone, from any background, who earnestly desires to follow these traditions.

    4. Uphold the integrity of my vocation by conducting myself in a professional and conscientious manner.

    5. Acknowledge the limitations of my skills and scope of practice and where appropriate, refer students to seek alternative instruction, advice, treatment, or direction.

    6. Create and maintain a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for the practice of Mindfulness or Yin Yoga.

    7. Encourage diversity actively by respecting all students regardless of age, physical limitations, race, creed, gender, ethnicity, religion affiliation, or sexual orientation.

    8. Respect the rights, dignity, and privacy of all students.

    9. Avoid words and actions that constitute sexual harassment.

    10. Follow all local government and national laws that pertain to my Mindfulness teaching and business.

    11. Adhere to the Mindfulness Good Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness Teachers.

    12. To uphold the copyright limited license and terms and conditions of use for all course materials.

    I agree to comply with the conditions and requirements as set out in the course curriculum, and accept that failure to do so will disqualify me from any accreditation.

    I furthermore vow to uphold the standards of the teachings I have been given, and to maintain and promote the good name of Mindfulness at all times. I accept that failure to do so may lead to the annulment of any accreditation obtained from the Mindful Academy International Mindfulness Teacher Training.

    I also understand that as a Registrant of Mindfulness Teacher Training course, Vocational Training or a Yin Yoga course, all students will be asked to sign a Code of Conduct which states 'As a student of your training course, I consent to my contact details (name, email and phone number) being passed onto our partners, Yoga Alliance Professionals, so they can contact me directly and invite me to register as a Trainee and Teacher. I understand that I have the option of opting out of this registration process.

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