• Mindful Yin Yoga is a fusion of Yin Yoga and Mindfulness. It offers us the gift of a heart-centred practice, allowing us to wake up from automatic pilot where we often live in a virtual reality in the past or the future, and return to our centre where true healing of mind, body, and heart begins. 

    You do not need to be a Yoga Teacher to attend, and the course can be taken to simply cultivate and deepen your own practice, learn Mindful Yin Yoga or as further training for Yoga Teachers and Meditation Teachers. As a USA Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider, the course can be used towards any annual continuing education requirements.  

    With an emphasis on awareness of the present moment and focus on being in your practice, rather than doing your practice, the course includes in-depth instruction on all aspects of Mindful Yin Yoga practice and teaching.

    By choosing to bring mindful attention to each moment, we practice letting go of thoughts and choosing to come back to the felt sense of the body in this moment, practicing acceptance of how the body is right now, and adjusting where needed. This intention helps us to come home to the body, deepen personal and any teaching practice, and enhance levels of health and well-being.