• Deepening Mindfulness Inquiry Masterclass: Saturday the 17th of June

    Mindfulness Inquiry is often seen as one of the most difficult aspects of teaching mindfulness, and the one that can cause the most anxiety, even in experienced teachers.
    In this one-day Deepening Mindfulness Inquiry Masterclass, we will build on the skills from your mindfulness teacher training and any mindfulness teaching experience. This virtual classroom masterclass is also suitable for mindfulness trainees. 
    The experiential workshop will include:
    • Clarifying the aims, intentions, and teaching considerations.
    • Deepening a working knowledge of the 4 key features of inquiry (MBI-TAC)
    • Delve into the neuroscience of compassionate inquiry.
    • Explore common pitfalls.
    • Holding the group: Inside-out inquiry and facilitation including horizontal and vertical inquiry.
    • Intentions during the different phases of an 8-week mindfulness course.
    • Practice in small groups
    Timings and location:
    The masterclass runs from 9.30 - 4.30 (UK) The Zoom room will open 15 minutes before the start time, allowing you to arrive and settle.
    The Zoom link will be sent to you once payment has been received.
    Who is this masterclass for?
    This masterclass is suitable for those who are offering mindfulness to others, and mindfulness teacher trainees.
    In order to participate in the training, you will need:
    • A room where you can close the door and engage in the training away from family distractions. It may be helpful to use headphones.
    • Log in via a computer that is resting on a hard surface and which has audio and a webcam. Please don’t use handheld devices.
    • When you are not speaking, please turn on mute to reduce background noise.
    Ideally, you should have read Essential Resources for Mindfulness Teachers by Rebecca S. Crane, Karunavira, and Gemma M. Griffith and Teaching Mindfulness-Based Groups The Inside Out Model by Trish Bartley and Gemma Griffith.
    We will also be referring to the MBI-TAC (in depth version) so please have a copy with you. You can download it free of charge from the CMRP website 
    Secure your space:
    Booking is easy with PayPal, simply click HERE and pay the 90 euro investment.
    Please put your name in the comments, and send me an email so that I can confirm your space.
    If you prefer to make the payment by bank transfer, please contact me.