• Externally Accredited Professional Training Courses

    Mindful Academy International are proud to be a Provider of Training Excellence and accredited Continued Professional Development CPD provider with the Professional Development Consortium and CPD Standards Office 

    The CPD Standards Office has accredited a range of training providers in over 22 countries, across several continents. Due to the research undertaken by the CPD Standards Research Project with various professional bodies and regulators the accreditation is recognised and respected internationally.

    Their wealth of knowledge and research within the Learning and Development Industry and their team of industry professionals on the Expert Advisory Board are a few of the reasons that contribute to detailed and rigorous assessment processes they have in place. Formal CPD Standards certificates are issued on successful completion of the Mindful Academy International courses, retreats and supervision and are accepted in a multitude of countries and across all professional sectors. 

  • Train as a Mindfulness Teacher - Your guide to the Teacher Training Pathway

  • Who the training is for:

    The international Mindfulness-based Interventions MBI accredited training is ideal for physicians, nurses, health professionals, educators, human resources managers, meditation practitioners, yoga and meditation teachers and other professionals with a mind-body focus who wish to teach the 8 week Mindfulness MBSR Course or mindfulness-based approaches. It is also valuable for those who wish to integrate mindfulness into their profession or teach mindfulness in a different form such as MBCT.

    The courses primarily focus on the teaching process and curriculum of the group based 8 week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction MBSR Course, developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre and also by the Centre for Mindfulness Practice and Research CMRP Bangor University where CEO and Senior International Trainer Kathy Ward trained. 

    At its heart, the training will enable you to teach mindfulness in ways that can help support individuals as they learn how to use their innate resources and abilities to respond more effectively to stress, pain, illness and the challenges of life. This co-journey is an essential part of teaching mindfulness.

    There are 3 training pathways to choose from depending on your intentions for teaching mindfulness:

  • Please note: In order to teach Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy MBCT within the UK Good Practice Guidelines, in addition to the in-depth preparation required to teach MBSR, trainees need appropriate professional clinical training and knowledge of relevant underlying psychological processes, associated research and evidence-based practice. 

  • Accredited Mindfulness MBSR Teacher Training Level 1

    Julia Emes preparing to teach

    Following on from taking a MBSR or MBCT 8 Week course as a Participant either in your home location or live online with us, the accredited Level 1 course primarily focuses on the teaching process and curriculum of the standard group based 8 week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction MBSR course. It is suitable for those wishing to add Mindfulness-based approaches to their profession or teaching, or as the first step to becoming a Level 2 or Level 3 certified Mindfulness MBSR Teacher.  

    The course is an opportunity to engage in a personal and group process designed to facilitate a deepening of your personal mindfulness practice and develop your skills in teaching mindfulness-based approaches. 

    It can be taken as a Vocational Training, Continued Professional Development (CPD) or Continued Education Units (CEU) with accredited hours to add to your annual training record and sought after skills on your curriculum vitae. On successful graduation, formal CPD Standards certificates are issued and accepted in a multitude of countries and across all professional sectors. Your certificate will show:

    Contact Hours: 65.5 hours

    Directed Learning non-contact hours:  The personal and professional pre-course study including reading the required books is estimated to be 112 hours

    Total hours for Level 1: 177.5 hours

  • Level 1 learning objectives:

    • Reflect on and investigate personal learning and development as a mindfulness practitioner
    • Deepen embodiment of mindfulness in teaching and own practice
    • Develop skills, attitudes, and knowledge to enable practice as a teacher of mindfulness-based interventions and courses including the skills of inquiry and guiding the mindfulness core practices
    • Demonstrate the importance of personal integrity of approach, ethical standards and mindful attitudes for teachers of mindfulness-based courses
    • Demonstrate familiarity with the teaching and learning strategies of mindfulness-based courses
    • Demonstrate familiarity with the 6 domains (skills) of teaching mindfulness
    • Reflect on the importance of the professional good practice guidelines and what they mean to you

    These are the key foundations for the teaching of mindfulness and all subsequent training development rests on them. 

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  • Accredited Mindfulness MBSR Teacher Training Level 2

    Teaching Mindful Movement in a chair

    This further teaching training is an opportunity to engage in a personal and group learning process which is designed to support and deepen understanding and skills in teaching and integrating mindfulness-based approaches in professional practice. 

    Ideally you should have attended a 5 - 7 day Silent Retreat before attending and committed to the pre course study which includes 2 private supervision sessions to explore the curriculum and answer any questions you may have regarding teaching. 

    The course is intended for professionals who have previously attended a Teacher Training Level 1 with us or an equivalent course with another training organisation (see note 1) Please contact us if you are not sure about equivalency.

    On successful graduation, formal CPD Standards certificates are issued and accepted in a multitude of countries and across all professional sectors. Your Level 2 certificate will show:

    Contact Hours: 74 hours

    Directed Learning non-contact hours: The personal and professional pre-course study including reading the required books is estimated to be 132 hours

    Total hours: 206 hours

  • Level 2 learning objectives:

    • Deepening embodiment of mindfulness in own practice
    • Deepen, develop and assess the skills, attitudes and knowledge required to deliver Mindfulness-based courses competently and consistently
    • Develop further understanding of the 8 week curriculum, teaching skills and underpinning themes, further refining and strengthening existing skills
    • Demonstrate relevant teaching skills by selecting, organising and evaluating teaching methods, to facilitate integration of theoretical and experiential learning
    • Demonstrate responsive and flexible pacing to cover a portion of the curriculum appropriately, as well as holding the group learning environment and managing challenges and difficulties
    • Demonstrate relevant qualities for teaching mindfulness-based approaches including the embodiment of mindfulness and warmth of approach 
    • Explore teaching mindfulness in alternative settings
    • Inquire into 'who am I as a teacher?' exploring the ways in which we relate to ourselves, individuals, group and the teaching process itself

    (Note 1) 

    If you are aiming to take Level 2 as part of Mindful Academy International Teacher Training Pathway, you need to have taken your Level 1 Teacher Training with us.

    If you are taking it as a stand-alone training Continued Professional Development CPD we accept a broader range of Level 1 trainings.

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  • Accredited Level 3 Certificate of Competency in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses

    After taking both the Level 1, Level 2 and 6 day silent Mindfulness MBSR Retreat courses with us, you can chose to go on to become a Level 3 Certified Mindfulness MBSR Teacher.

    The accredited pathway includes teaching a minimum of 3 MBSR Courses with supervision by Kathy Ward, and the submission of video recordings from an 8 week course for assessment using the MBI-TAC, plus written assignments.  You will also need to have attended a 2nd 5-7 day Silent Mindfulness MBSR Retreat. This can either be with Mindful Academy International or another retreat provider. 

    On successful graduation, formal CPD Standards certificates are issued detailing the supervision hours and silent retreat hours if taken with Mindful Academy International. The certicates are accepted in a multitude of countries and across all professional sectors.

  • The development and interest in the potential of mindfulness within a range of settings is rapidly growing and training processes are therefore becoming more structured. Bangor Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice CMRP state that within the UK there are currently no formal qualifications/certification processes which regulate competency in teaching mindfulness-based approaches. This is often the case around the world and it requires those of us working in this developing field to inquire deeply into our own practice, our integrity, our intentions and the boundaries of our skills, competencies and understandings.

    To demonstrate the professional nature of our training, we follow the Mindfulness good practice guidelines (GPGs) for teaching and supervising mindfulness Teachers, and utilise the Mindfulness-based Interventions Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC) as part of our supportive assessment process.

    We also chose to have our company and courses independently accredited and as a Provider of Training Excellence and CPD Provider, we assure you of the highest level of professional mindfulness training. Our courses will give you the skills, confidence and ongoing support you need to teach mindfulness or incorporate the skills into your profession. 

    To achieve the accreditation Mindful Academy International has undergone a rigorous assessment process focusing on 4 key principles - our organisational structure, the learning provision we offer, our methods for maintaining excellence and our clients personal experience. This final principle involves a random selection from our client base and a direct discussion between them and the PDC to gather a first-hand review of their experience working with us. 

    A seperate rigorous assessment process that focuses on the development and delivery of our training including our educational authority, how we collect and utilise our delegate feedback, and ensuring our content is kept up to date was also undertaken as part of the accredited CPD Status.

    Now Mindful Academy International have achieved this accreditation and status as a Provider of Training Excellence and gold standard CPD provider, we are committed to working hard to maintain, and exceed, the excellent standard we have already set with our courses. The courses have also been accredited with the Yoga Alliance in the USA since 2010 and the Yoga Alliance Professionals in the UK since 2012

  • Continued Professional Development

    For many professions, engaging with CPD/CEU is a professional expectation and an individual responsibility. For others, it is mandatory to undertake and record CPD/CEU. As a Provider of Training Excellence, graduating from our courses will give you the skills you need to teach mindfulness-based approaches, enhance your curriculum vitae with sought after accredited skills and at the same time, meet any CPD/CEU responsibility with accredited hours to add to your yearly record.  

    For those based in the UK, after teaching at least 2 MBSR 8 Week courses under supervision, you can also apply to join the Mindfulness Network of Teachers  It is an optional listing created to provide the general public and policy makers with clear information to identify those teachers who have received adequate training and whose current teaching and professional practice meet the UK Good Practice Guidelines (GPGs) for teaching Mindfulness-Based courses. These GPGs are the minimum standards for the delivery of the 8 week mindfulness-based courses. You do not need to have been trained by a UK training organisation to join but you will need to demonstrate that your training meets the requirements of the GPGs. You can be assured that the Mindful Academy International Training more than meets the requirements. 

    There are also similar Mindfulness Network organistaions around the world. 

  • Mindfulness Teacher ongoing support:

    For both personal and teaching practice - 

    • Undertake ongoing Supervision and development as outlined in the Mindfulness Good Practice Guidelines (GPG's) This can be with us or other Mindfulness Supervisiors
    • Supervision with us also goes towards any CPD/CEU requirements . Read more for full details of the Mindfulness Supervision we offer
    • As part of Good Practice Guidelines attend a 5 day teacher lead Silent Retreat each year. Our Retreats are also accredited so the hours can count towards any CPD/CEU requirements.
    • Join the Mindful Academy International closed MBSR Teacher Training Community
    • Invite to attend the free Mindful Academy International monthly group Meditation and support sessions

    At Mindful Academy International, we strongly adhere to the Good Practice Requirements in our training programmes and Teacher Training Pathway. We also believe that a commitment to conveying this approach to others amounts to more than simply meeting criteria - it becomes an orientation and a way of being which informs the teachers whole approach to life.