• Train as a Mindfulness Teacher - Your guide to the Teacher Training Pathway

  • The courses primarily focus on the teaching process and curriculum of the standard group based 8 week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction MBSR course, however the underpinning experience and understanding is also valuable for those who wish to integrate mindfulness into their work or teach mindfulness in a different form.

    Those who wish to teach Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy MBCT or teach Mindfulness to Teens and Children can attend further training once the Foundational skills and learning from the Level 1 course have been consolidated. 

    The teacher training pathway options are:

    • Teacher Training Level 1 TTC1 is our 10 day Foundation Teacher Training Course. This course included indepth practice, experiential learning and teaching practice as well as workshops on Mindful Movement and the skill of Inquiry often offered as seperate courses with other training organisations. 


    • Teacher Training Level 2 TTC2 is our 8 day Advanced Teacher Training Course. This course includes indepth practice, experiential learning and teaching practice of the group 8 Week MBSR Course and leads to a recogised qualification as a Mindfulness MBSR Teacher.


    • Teacher Training Level 3 TTC3  Leads to a recognised Certificate of Competency in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses. This supervision based course leads to being a fully Certified Mindfulness MBSR Teacher. You will be asked to submit a portfolio which includes assignments and recordings of you teaching the 8 Week MBSR Course for assessment. More details coming soon.

    For those based in the UK, after taking the Foundation course and teaching at least 2 MBSR 8 Week courses under supervision, you can also apply to join the Mindfulness Network of Teachers. To join the Network you do not need to have been trained by a UK Network organisation, as the Mindful Academy International course is based on the Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) curriculum.  You will be asked to demonstrate that our course meets the Good Practice Guidelines - don't worry it exceeds it and graduates have successfully joined.

    You will also be able to join the Yoga Alliance Professionals as a Registered Teacher with a recognised qualification to teach Mindfulness Meditation and Mindful Movement. Once you have completed your profile and added the Yoga Alliance professionals membership logo to your own website your profile will be live and you can start promoting yourself by advertising classes, workshops, books, products, jobs, coupons, and much more!

    Please note - if you have taken the Foundation Level 1 course with other organisations and are accepted to take the Advanced Course with us, you will receive a certificate for the 100hr Mindfulness MBSR Advanced Teacher Training Course. You will still be eligable to join our Directory  of Mindfulness MBSR Teachers and your listing will show that you have taken the MBSR Advanced Teacher Training course with us, however you will not be eligable to join the Yoga Alliance Professionals.

  • To apply for a space you should -

    • Be a minimum of 25 years old
    • Have 1 years meditation experience a minimum of 5 times per week not necessarily Mindfulness Meditation. If you wish to register with the Yoga Alliance Professionals you will need 2 years meditation experience.
    • The course starts from the premise that as teachers we need to embody mindfulness-based practice in our own lives, before we can attempt to teach it to others so you should have taken an 8 Week MBSR or MBCT course as a participant either -
    • In your home location with a qualified teacher OR
    • The 8 week MBSR/MBCT course together with the Mindful Academy International pre-course study and supervision will support your embodiment of the practices and help prepare you to take the Foundation Course. 
  • 10 day Teacher Training Level 1 course.

    Julia Emes preparing to teach

    This  is the first step in learning how to teach mindfulness. The Foundation Teacher Training Level 1 course is an opportunity to engage in a personal and group process designed to facilitate a deepening of your personal mindfulness practice and develop your skills in teaching mindfulness-based approaches. 

    It can be taken as a Vocational Training, Continued Professional Development (CPD) or Continued Education Units (CEU) for those wishing to add Mindfulness-based approaches to their profession or teaching, or as the first step to becoming a Qualified Mindfulness MBSR Teacher. 

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  • 8 day Teacher Training Advanced Level 2 course.

    Teaching Mindful Movement in a chair

    Deepen your embodiment of Mindfulness by taking the Advanced Level 2 course and earn a recognised qualification as a Mindfulness MBSR Teacher.

    This further teaching is an opportunity to engage in a personal and group learning process which is designed to support and deepen understanding and skills in teaching and integrating mindfulness-based approaches in professional practice.

    It is intended for professionals who have previously attended a Teacher Training Level 1 TTC1 with us, Mindful Academy, Mindful Academy Solterreno, or an equivalent course with another training organisation (please contact us if you are not sure about equivalency) 

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  • Supervision based Teacher Training Level 3 - Certificate of Competency in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses.

    After taking both the Foundation Course Level 1 and Advanced Course Level 2, you can chose to go on to become a Certified Mindfulness MBSR Teacher. The pathway includes teaching a minimum of 3 MBSR Courses with supervision by Kathy Ward, the submission of video recordings from an 8 week course for assessment and written assignments.  More details coming soon.

  • Mindfulness Teacher ongoing support:

    For both personal and teaching practice - 

    • Undertake ongoing Supervision and development as outlined in the Mindfulness Good Practice Guidelines (GPG's)
    • Have regular supervision to support your teaching and personal practice
    • As part of Good Practice Guidelines attend a 5 day teacher lead Silent Retreat each year
    • Check out the Mindful Academy International live online Community Events
    • Join the Mindful Academy International closed MBSR Teacher Training Community

    At Mindful Academy International, we strongly adhere to the Good Practice Requirements in our training programmes and Teacher Training Pathway. We also believe that a commitment to conveying this approach to others amounts to more than simply meeting criteria - it becomes an orientation and a way of being which informs the teachers whole approach to life.