• Earn accreditation as a Qualified Mindfulness MBSR and MBI Teacher

    You can graduate as a Mindful Academy International 'Qualified Mindfulness MBSR & MBI Teacher' on successful completion of our Level 1 and Level 2 courses plus 8 hours of supervision whilst teaching two 8-week groups MBSR Courses and submission of a 3000-word reflective report from teaching the two courses. 

    The focus of this reflective writing is the deepening of your practice and teaching skills as you gain experience in guiding others. The 6 domains of teaching mindfulness and your personal development portfolio can guide you so that you can include what you felt went well and what you would do differently if anything, next time.   

    The supervision and reflective journaling can be before or after (or a mixture of both) the Level 2 course. 

  • What You Can Say When You Have Achieved Qualified Status:

    Upon receipt of your formal Teacher Qualification Certificate, you may market and represent yourself as a “Qualified Mindfulness MBSR & MBI Teacher” as defined by the Mindful Academy International, an International Provider of Training Excellence© 

    You will also be sent this badge to use as part of your publicity and be authorized to use the designation QMMT after your name.

    Note 1: If you have taken the 10 day 100hr Level 1 Course, on successful completion of the 8 day Level 2 course, 4 hours of supervision of 1 x 8-week group MBSR course and attendance at a 5 - 7 day silent mindfulness retreat with Mindful Academy International or another silent meditation retreat provider, you will receive a Qualified Mindfulness & MBI Teacher Certificate and be able to use the designation QMT after your name. Supervision of at least 3 sessions during the teaching of a second 8-week group MBSR course is also recommended as part of Good Practice Guidelines.