• Kathy Ward Senior International Mindfulness Teacher, Trainer and Supervisor

    We are very keen to provide accessible ways of supporting you learn mindfulness in the comfort of your own home either on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. As a provider of Training Excellence and CPD course provider we offer Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction MBSR and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy MBCT courses.

    The 8-week MBSR course is based on the original work of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s highly acclaimed Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program and the current programs taught at the Massachusetts Medical Centre, Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) in the UK and around the world. 

    The 8-week MBCT for depression course is based on the original work of Zindel V. Segal, J. Mark G. Williams and John D. Teasdale.

    The 8-week MBCT for Cancer course is based on the original work of the wonderful Trish Bartley. 

    Private MBSR, MBCT for depression or MBCT for Cancer one-one course cost with Kathy Ward:

    Introductory call, 8 x 60-minute calls, 1 x 60-minute call one month after the course finishes, mp3 meditation recordings and extensive participants workbook 650 euros. 

    Introductory call, 8 x 90-minute calls plus 1 x 60-minute call one month after the course finishes, mp3 meditation recordings and extensive workbook 935 euros.

    Courses can usually be organized to take into consideration your work schedule and time zone. Email support is also included during your course, so that we can support your learning.

    Small Group course costs with Kathy Ward:

    Kathy also offers occasional MBSR, MBCT for depression and MBCT for cancer group courses (minimum 4 people, maximum 9) If you are interested, please email us at [email protected] to be placed on the waiting list. The cost for the private introductory call, 8 x 150-minute group calls, mp3 meditation recordings and extensive workbook is 350 euros.

    Email support is also included during your course, so that we can support your learning.

    Mindful Academy International CPD accredited Mindfulness 8-week MBSR courses are also available through our licensed training team members in the USA with Tina Langdok Hungary with Andras Barta, Ireland, and Europe with Fiona McMahon,  Sierra Leone with Julia Emes, Italy with Alex Dendry and Romania with Hedi Hoka. For dates and details please contact them directly or scroll to the bottom of the page.  

  • Our Interactive live video courses are an enriching way to experience Mindfulness-based courses.

    You can apply to take this MBSR or MBCT course either as a first experience of Mindfulness-based practice, as a refresher, as an opportunity to deepen an existing mindfulness-based practice, or as a way to prepare for your MBSR Teacher Training course. Graduates share that the experience of working closely with a Senior International MBSR Teacher in this way can lead to profound understandings and changes in one's life. Many online MBSR or MBCT course participants have been surprised at the depth of practice, sense of connection and ease of learning during the live online course, and often go on to further engagement with mindfulness in various ways.

    When we offer this MBSR or MBCT course in an in-person format participants travel to the course location for one session of 2.5 hours a week for the 8 weeks, some locations also offer more intensive formats for busy people who cannot commit to 8 weeks. In a live online learning format, you have the choice of either a small group or, if you prefer you can also book a private 1-1 course (or 1-2 option with a friend)

    In both cases, we will deliver the content in a similar manner to the in-person format, and the home practice assignments are exactly the same. Due to the personal nature of the 1-1 sessions, the call duration is shorter. 

    Each week you will take part in either a group 2.5 hour session (1 hour or 1.5 hours for 1-1 or 1 - 2) via Zoom or Skype with Kathy Ward, Senior International MBSR Trainer, Teacher, and Supervisor, or depending on locations, one of the training team. We will guide and support you through the learning of the mindfulness course. Practice mp3's and our extensive Participants workbook will either be handed out to you at the start of the course or be emailed to you. Like most things in life, you get out what you put in and home practice forms a large part of the course and you will need to commit yourself to spend up to one hour 6 out of 7 days a week for the duration of the course. This includes -

    • Listening and practicing using the supplied mp3 recordings
    • Reading the Participants Workbook
    • Making notes of your direct experience
    • Include some informal mindfulness practices in your daily life

    Please note: Not all members of the training team are able to offer Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy, please check if you are unsure.

  • The 8-Week MBSR Course Curriculum sessions:

    Session 1 - An introduction to Mindfulness.

    Session 2 - Perceptions and creative responding. "It's not the stressors per se, but how you handle them" 

    Session 3 - The Pleasure and Power in being present.

    Session 4 - Cultivating Curiosity and Openness to the full range of experience, recognizing and reducing the negative effects of automatic, habitual stress reactivity.

    Session 5 - Paying attention to your growing capacity to respond and recover more rapidly from everyday challenges and stressors. 

    Session 6 - Interpersonal Mindfulness and Building Resilience.

    Session 7 - Integrating Mindfulness practice and reflecting on life-style choices. "What do I need to take care of myself now"?

    Session 8 - A Mindful Life, keeping up the momentum.

  • Summary of the 8-week Mindfulness MBSR course -

    • The intention of the 8-week Mindfulness MBSR Course is to learn new ways to be with our body sensations, thought, and emotions.
    • The course shows us ways to be kind to ourselves so that we are able to live our lives in a fuller and healthier way.
    • It promotes a way of being that helps us to tackle life problems - physical, mental, social and emotional, you could call it a way of finding balance.
    • The focus of the Mindfulness practice is to learn to ground ourselves in what is happening in the world around using the senses, to become aware of the small changes in the physical sensations in the body, to practice looking at thoughts, rather than from thoughts and to cultivate a new way of being with our emotions.
    • During the course, we will learn about the power of an intention, how to notice what is going on for us right now in the present moment, how to gently turn towards our experience be it pleasant or unpleasant and how to be kind to ourselves. In this way, we learn how to respond more skillfully to situations, rather than simply reacting automatically.
    • Overall, the course is often helpful in dealing with an ongoing difficulty whatever that may be - the problem may not change however studies show that the way we can learn to relate to it most likely will. 

    Whilst taking part in the course it is important to remember that finding the time to practice involves a shift in our normal daily routine. We find it helps to think of building the time in during the 8 weeks, rather than trying to fit it into our busy schedules. As we practice, things may appear to be feeling more intense and challenging, and the course encourages us to bring a high degree of attention to everything, even the unpleasant or difficult. This forms an important part of the experiential learning - to stay and be with the unpleasant and difficult with kindness, rather than turn away pretending it is not there or avoiding them. You may have found already that that simply does not work! Of course, we will also learn when it is right to turn away and anchor with the breath or feet on the floor.

    Please note there is little opportunity or time in either the group or 1-1 option to discuss any current or past personal problems not related to the session or home practices. If necessary these should be pursued through individual work with a counselor or other appropriate support.  

  • Is a Mindfulness MBSR or MBCT 8-week course right for me?

    Mindfulness-based practice presents its own set of challenges, so it is important for you to discuss any concerns you may have with Kathy Ward, a member of the International training team, your Doctor and/or Therapist before signing up for the course. Mindfulness may be everywhere you look, but it is not suitable for everyone which is why we ask detailed questions on the application form. The courses we offer are Trauma-Sensitive, so we are often able to support those that general Mindfulness-based courses would not be suitable for. 

    Please review the suggested exclusion criteria below and if you are in doubt please ask. We offer a free initial consultation giving you time to explore if this is the right course, and right time for you. We may also recommend that a 1-1 course rather than a group course would be more suitable. 

    In general, Mindfulness-based courses may not be suitable for those with:

    • Severe problems or vulnerabilities.
    • Active or recent physical addiction to alcohol or drugs. You may be interested to explore Mindfulness-based Relapse Prevention which has been developed specifically for people who are working with the tendencies to misuse substances. A 1-1 mindfulness-based course may also be appropriate, please discuss this with Kathy Ward.
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: It is essential that you discuss this with Kathy Ward so that we can see if it is the right time for you to take the course. You also need to understand what the course involves, and know that it is always OK (and give yourself permission) to drop out of the course if you find it unhelpful. 
    • Acute depression. Depending on where you are now, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy MBCT may be more helpful for you, please discuss this option with Kathy Ward.
    • Severe social anxiety which would make attending a class very stressful, a live online course may be more suitable for you at this time.
    • Acute illness (or even acute attack of existing illness) If you are dealing with high levels of stress, and getting used to dealing with a new and different way of being, it is generally not a good time to learn the mindfulness-based practices. However, it may be of benefit to help you manage your illness once you have had time to process the diagnosis. Kathy Ward is also able to offer you Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy MBCT for acute illness such as cancer and other major diagnoses.
    • Life crisis: Recent severe loss such as bereavement, divorce, cancer or other major diagnoses. At these times it is our experience that people are in too raw a state of distress to find a course helpful, it is usually not a good time to take a mindfulness-based course. Pre-existing mindfulness practice is very helpful in dealing with strong, raw feelings such as grief, shock, and anger, but these are usually too overwhelming for people to learn how to mindfulness-based practices while dealing with them in the first instances. The recommendation here is that you would be well advised to wait till you have worked through the acute stage of the grieving process and are more settled with the loss or diagnosis.
    • Suicidality
    • Psychosis
    • Psychosis, schizophrenia, etc. mindfulness-based practice is unlikely to help, and may cause harm
    • Early trauma, past abuse, and dissociative disorders: These are an indication to move into mindfulness-based courses with great care. A live online 1-1 course may be more appropriate than a group course however each person is unique, so please discuss this with Kathy Ward.

    As you can see, there are times in our lives when it would be better to find alternative support, although remember that we are all unique, and just because you tick a box, it does not necessarily mean that mindfulness-based practice would not be a benefit for you.

    Please take advantage of the no-obligation, free pre-course meeting as it is the ideal time to discuss any concerns you have with Kathy Ward or a member of the International training team so together you can decide if it is the right time for you to take a mindfulness-based course. 

  • Mindfulness 8-week MBSR courses with our accredited International Training Team

    For full details of the courses with our licensed training team in the USAHungaryIrelandSierra Leone, Italy or Romania please visit the team's individual websites.

  • Julia Emes, Sierra Leone: Freetown 

    For more information, please contact Julia Emes

  • Fiona McMahon, Cabragh Lodge, Ox Mountains, Sligo, Ireland

    For more details please visit www.cabraghlodge.ie